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hey, i need some new parts for my bike and i wanted to know what some of you think of these:
Diatech D-cup headset
Lucky Vise stem
S&M Dive bars handlebars
and i want to know what are some good reasonably priced 3pc sealed cranks.  

19 Aug 2005 23:52
d-cups are good headsets, id suggest them or fsa pigs. ive never ridden any lucky parts but some other good stems are s&m redneck lt's, primo casket, and fbm bottlenecks. I like all of the S&M bars all ive ever run. some not to pricey cranks are profile racing cranks, primo powerbites, WeThePeople royals are more expensive but will last forever. I run primo powerbites, there a little hard to get used to at first cause the arms are straight and not angled out like tubular 3pc. cranks are...the good thing about them is because there forged aluminum you dont have to worry at all about them bending or breaking theyll take all the abuse. profiles have a lifetime warranty ive had many profile 3pc. cranks. hope that helped you out guy. seya.  

20 Aug 2005 00:22
ive had a primo casket and ive ridden a redneck. Profiles and primo powerbites are way too expensive and im not gonna need a set of cranks that last a lifetime cuz i havent tried to many different types. ive ridden 1pc 2pc 3pc forged and i ordered redline monster tubular ones since i really liked the forged version. i really wana see if anyone has tried the lucky vise tho....its kina like a redneck except its a tiny bit lighter and by tiny i mean they are almost exactly the same weight. ive already ordered the parts. hope to get em soon :)  

21 Aug 2005 23:34

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