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Skratch Kid
So I've been mtn biking almost my whole life, and I've started getting into BMXing pretty heavily this summer. There's just one problem: I don't have a bike. I've been borrowing my homie's bike and he's losing patience. So I'm looking for a solid bike, and the Specialized Fuse 1 or 2 has caught my attention. I'm mostly a street rider, but I will get dirty if I get the chance. I'm looking to spend 300 or less, preferrably 250. Any advice on either of the Fuses would be great.  

23 Aug 2005 03:25
your best bet would be a nice complete if you dont like to put bikes together or dont trust yourself [url]www.danscomp.com[/url] has some nice prices and i dont know bout the specialized fuse too much but i heard its ok  

23 Aug 2005 07:56
Skratch Kid
I just got a sick ass Fuse 3 '05 edition. I tested it out on some small stairs earlier tonight, hit some curbs, and took it on some minor trails, and so far its pretty dope. Little expensive, but I talked to the manager of Bicycles West in Seattle, said it was a dope ride.......  

24 Aug 2005 10:23

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