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hey guys ya im 13 and hav about 300 to 400 dollars. im brand new to BMX and could use some help on purchasing my first bike. Any help on bikes, first tricks to start off with or BMX in general would be greatly appreciated.  

24 Aug 2005 03:36
Skratch Kid
Yo, I just got a Fuse 3, but it was a little out of your price range. if i were you i would look at some redline bikes, some specialized bikes like Fuse 1 or Fuse 2. These are good bikes for beginners. If ur gonna ride street, you gotta get the wheelie, the manual and the bunny hop down. If not street, start hittin up jumps.  

24 Aug 2005 11:02
thanx alot guys your alot of help  

24 Aug 2005 22:57
but which is a better bike the fuse 1 or the fuse 2?  

24 Aug 2005 23:48
i think that when bikes are made in series its basically the same thing except the color and price so...ya  

25 Aug 2005 04:55
Skratch Kid
nah, the fuse 2 has lighter, stronger parts (the frame is a lot lighter), so if you're gonna be doing jumps and really are interested in getting as much air as possible, i'd put up the extra 50 to get the fuse 2. you can also customize ur bike a lot more easier wit the 2. if u just want to start up and really aren't interested in payin a lot for just a weight difference, the fuse 1 is still a solid choice  

25 Aug 2005 09:39
awsome the fuse 2 is the way to go then.

you guys are alot of help  

25 Aug 2005 09:58
do you know of any specialized bike dealers in B.C where i can buy a fuse 2? I've looked for one but can't find any. if you dont know of any dealers what is another good bike for me? Ya same price range looking for something light for dirt jumps and street.

Thanx for any help  

26 Aug 2005 23:43
hey man you live in british columbia?, well if you want to get good at biking i wouldnt suggest a fuse. try a fit, volume, wethepeople, or stolen bike co.(stolen bike company is out of europe) all of those bikes have a real bmx bike feel stock, and they also come with good dependable parts and frames made by rider owned bmx companys.

i dont know if its just me but id rather have an experienced welder tig welding my frame by hand than some machine in the middle of a tawain death trap.

i say fuck companys like diamondback, mongoose, gt, shwinn, or specialized. face it they are just mass producing there bikes to make big profit. like i always say support the bmx cause and by from a actual bmx rider owned company, they prolly know a lot more than some corporate asshole...and they also need to make a living to support the family.  

28 Aug 2005 05:25
if you wanna get into dirtjumping and street fuse is deffinetly not the way to go, id suggest a volume blacksheep they are perfect all around bikes, there also light and come with real nice stock parts.  

28 Aug 2005 05:26
heres some links to places where you can buy complete bikes



notice how they dont have any fuses?

ill get you links to some bicycle manufacturer websites too  

28 Aug 2005 05:30



there you go bro, there was no site for stolen bike co..

ive worked in a bike shop for 3 years so if you need anymore help feel free to ask

also dont forget to check out like hoffman bikes or flybikes they make good bikes too  

28 Aug 2005 05:49
Amen on the corporate shit man. Like u said a actual bmx rider goin to make a better bike than a machine crap. k ill look into some of those bikes then. thats a lot of help. thanx for the tips there is a sweet set dirt jumps by my house im goin be riden those all day long.


28 Aug 2005 20:39
[QUOTE=Makasoff]Amen on the corporate shit man. Like u said a actual bmx rider goin to make a better bike than a machine crap. k ill look into some of those bikes then. thats a lot of help. thanx for the tips there is a sweet set dirt jumps by my house im goin be riden those all day long.


no problem bro. hell yeah dirt jumping is the way to go, it feels so good to flow trails and soar through the air. you need anymore help or need advice on dirtjumping feel free to ask man.


30 Aug 2005 02:44
hey, try a redline... i have a double X i own on street, trails, and park, i just suck when on the track haha, if i were u id get a redline great intry level bikes.  

31 Aug 2005 08:19
id have to disagree, ive owned 3 redlines. they started making shitty bikes when they switched to aluminum frames. if your really interested in starting bmx deffinetly go with one of the bikes i suggested, they feel just like a pros bike(so when you get good enough to buy a new frame and parts that you want, it will be a lot easier to get used to) you could even keep the frame you get with the complete and put new parts on it because almost every part is interchangeable(im sure you already know), i mean you could do this with a redline but who the fuck would want a redline over a volume, fit, dk, wethepeople for the same price...know what im sayin?.

any luck finding something yet?  

01 Sep 2005 15:36
Ya i went to the only dealer by my house and the guy there said that a Haro backtrail x1 is the way to go for offroad stuff. i said i would think about it and tried to find the blacksheep. no luck so its either buying the Haro for 200 or ordering it and probably paying 400 i dont have 400$ so i might say screw the brand i just wanna ride. I could get the Haro now get some experience and then buy the volume in a while but ill ask you guys first and get some input. Ya you might say i should look for somw wethepeople, fits, dk bikes but i live in a small town and i would have to order a bike for alot of money. All i wanna do right now is ride

And any tips on how to bunnyhop, manual, wheelieor and other easy tricks would be awsome!

live to ride  

05 Sep 2005 21:17
black sheeps are 299 at danscomp. hey man its your desicion. oh yeah i also have 2 bikes for sale that i should have mentioned. one is my main bike a s&m trail frame with 500 bucks or best offer, the other is a standard trailboss that id let go for like 200 plus shipping. im in the process of building the standard though im about ready to paint the fram forkks and bars. if your interested man let me know ill paint it any color you want.

the stanard has mustache bars, fbm bottleneck stem, standard forks, dk sealed 36 frontwheel, a bfr that i forget what hub its laced too, profile sprocket, profile cranks, primo tenderizer pedals. its a real nice bike and will be ready for any kind of riding.  

06 Sep 2005 22:04
I agree..dont go for the specialized. Look into the blacksheep or something from the Fit Series. If you havent already, look at [url]Http://www.danscomp.com[/url] maybe that will help you out.  

13 Sep 2005 18:03

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