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Skratch Kid
Anyone have good tips for building jumps? I'm running out of ideas for some sick jumps, and I'm getting tired of the local skate park.  

24 Aug 2005 10:53
try goin to [url][/url]  

25 Aug 2005 04:42
is there anywhere to build dirt jumps in seatle?  

28 Aug 2005 04:37
Skratch Kid
Yeah, there are a bunch of places to build jumps. There are some forests with flat grassland right across from my house, and down a mile or two there is an old baseball complex that has been abandoned for a while. I have places to ride and build jumps, just not ideas.  

31 Aug 2005 06:24
hey, for buliding "rams" wooden ones, i have uded a piece of pliewood over a create, that was supported by another piece of wood..  

31 Aug 2005 08:12
nice jump, dude. sounds like that ramp from napolean dynomite haha.

why dont you build a table top dirt jump to practice your tricks, make it about 5 feet high with a almost vertical lip(best way to describe is like looking at a clock 12 would be vertical you want this to be like inbetween 1 and 2. make the table about 8 feet long and the landing come down at a nice smooth angle. make sure you have enough room for speed, the good thing about tabletops is you can learn how fast you need to be going without the worry of casing a jump. with the steep lip youll go pretty high in the air, i learned most of my tricks on a tabletop that i built with a wooden table(deck) instead of dirt .remember to always build your trick jumps with steep lips so you can launch high in the air and have enough time to do the trick.

build some hips, a hip is a jump that when facing the lip the landing is sideways so you have to turn in the air to land on the landing(these are my favorite)

i built a wallride in my trails, its a lot of fun. if you want to know how to build one just ask its pretty easy. but you need to know how to wall ride first.

build a smooth rythm section it doesnt have to be big if your just learning how to dirt jump maybe like and a half feet tall or so.

ive ridden these trails called the mounds of doom in Dracut, MA, they had these jumps that went about ten feet into the ground and then youd come up and the lip was ground level, they were probably the craziest jumps i have ever ridden. maybe you should think about those.

if you have the money build a quarter pipe cause they are something that everyone should learn to ride. or even a mini ramp.

and oh yeah before my jumps i dig like a foot deep kind of thing that goes into the ground so you can pump before the lip, just makes for a little boost in speed. and i also do this from the landing to the lip of the next jump in my rythm sections, it just makes it all the smoother.

if you want to know more just ask man, but that should get you started.  

01 Sep 2005 15:23
Ride_S&M01Trails explained it well. Building a wallride in your trails is awesome of the best things to just mess around on. So stop sitting here wondering what to build, and get to work lol.  

13 Sep 2005 18:32

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