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I spent some time on google looking for tips on 360s and ended up here. Now I'm done searching and just gonna ask lol. Well first thing is, the Tip here tells me if I ride in with my right foot, I should spin right, right? Wrong...I spin to the left yet I ride right foot first? I highly doubt I could get myself spinning right, but whatever. When I go off the ramp I can see the 180, but I always stop myself going for more rotations. I think it's not technique but merly that it's a mind issue. I just gotta do it perhaps. Anything else I should try? lol thanks  

24 Aug 2005 23:18
Skratch Kid
just go for it. if u can get the 180, try and get a little more air. ur going to have to bail the first couple of times, thats just that. you may want to just make a little dirt ramp on a grass field, its soft to land on so thats good. good luck!  

25 Aug 2005 09:43
you gotta make sure you follow through the spin with your head the entire time your spinning when you get to about 270 make sure to spot your landing so you dont over rotate. i also cut my wheel to the right a little before it leaves the lip it helps you start rotating, i also try and lean the bike into it kinda it makes for more style. when you get the 360 down try some 360 tabletops(one of my favorite tricks) or some 360 x-ups.  

28 Aug 2005 04:46
My one friend kinda taught me a easier way of doing them too. Do a 180 with your upper body..and when you get the 180 just kick your ass around. That brings the rest of the 360. Kinda cool looking when its done too, cause you like 180, pause in the air, and then finish it.  

13 Sep 2005 18:43
i need 720 help  

15 Sep 2005 03:21

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