Landing A Flatland Tailwhip

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Im Have The Most Fucking Diffucult Time Landing This Trick Ive Been Trying For About A Month To Dial It In Still Cant Land It Consitintly I Get The Bike The Full 360 Degrees Around I Just Having Problems Riding Off

Any Help Would Be Greatly Apreciated

Ps:dont Right Back Unless U Can Land This Trick Yourself I Need Real Advice Not Sum Novice On A Power Trip  

25 Aug 2005 10:20
i might be able to answer this for yo. it depends what you mean by a flatland you mean where you jam your foot in the tire and spin your bike around, or like a footplant tailwhip. i can do footplant tailwhips and 2 feetdown tailwhips aswell as tailwhip airs. i dont ride flatland though so if you want help doing one of those foot jam tailwhips oull need to ask someone else.  

28 Aug 2005 04:56
im talking flatland jam foot in tire tailwhips  

28 Aug 2005 14:21

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