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well ive been noticing A LOT of repeat threads so i hope this aint one.
i ride
frame - Gt (unknown model but very nice)
headset - diatech d-cup
stem - lucky vise
handle bars - S&M divebars
grips - primo logo
brakes - Tektro v-brakes
brake lever - Tektro [ bent for more power ]
brake cable - odyssey slic
fork - man-o-war evo
seat clamp - mosh
seat post - poverty
seat - poverty sofa
cranks - redline monster with sealed bearings
pedals - free agent (hoping to find some nice cheap new pedals [willing to trade poverty peddlar 1/2 {new} for set of pretty good 9/16] )
chain - kmc with masterlink
chainwheel - mosh 40tooth
wheels - gravity games (need new wheels)
tires - F= gg R=federal traction

post what you got  

26 Aug 2005 08:49
ive got a S&M trail frame
profile stem
fsa pig headsett
diatech dirt harry lever
primo logo grips
odyssey slic cable
not sure the bars i just put on they were ones i used to ride a while ago i thin they might be primo mustache but they feel comfortable as fuck
primo powerbite 3 pc. cranks
fbm 36t sprocket
primo tenderizer pedals
primo rod seat post
some really thin seat post clamp ive had for a while also
S&m hot seat
hombre fiesta brake kit
kmc k710 chrome chain
primo wall tire in the back
maxxis holy roller in the front
my front wheel is a SunRace 48 spoke sealed hub laced to a odyssey hazard light rim
my rear is a profile cassette left hand drive hub laced to a sun bfr, the back has 12 gauge spokes and a 13 tooth cog. i need to buy a hazard light for that too.  

28 Aug 2005 05:09
o and i got some primo tenderzier pedals not too long ago =D  

04 Sep 2005 04:23
Heres my ride..

Mosh Method 3 Star Frame
Mosh Forks (getting S&M Pitch Fork)
FSA Pig Headset
S&M Slam Bars
S&M Redneck Lt Stem
Primo Vgrips
FSA Nasty Boy 3pc Cranks
Mosh Pedals (getting Odyssey Cielencki's)
Primo 44t Sprocket
KMC 415H Street Chain
ACS Fat Claws 16t Freewheel
Mosh Seat Post (getting Shadow Monster)
Mosh Seat Post Clamp (getting Shadow Alfred)
Shadow Crow Seat
Mosh ID Barends (getting Shadow)
Primo Dirt Monster Tires
Alex Triple Wall 48's w/flat 14mm Axles

I run brakeless at the moment. But im getting tektro vbrakes, and I have a tech 77 lever, and im getting a Animal Illegal Linear Cable.  

13 Sep 2005 18:23
sounds nice bro, its a v-braker?. my first real bmx bike was a dk banshee race bike that i built for dirt/street, i got to big for it though and bent the chain and seat stays  

14 Sep 2005 03:42
fuck dude, idk, perormer im bad with mechanics but i do know that i have Primo Dirt Monster Tires too.  

15 Sep 2005 03:27
Yea, its not bad. Yepp..its vbrake. I got out of bmx a year or so ago..and then got back into it and needed a new bike..so I bought the mosh cause it had 3pc cranks. Then I snapped the crank weld so the shop gave me the nasty boys for free...and then I just started buying new parts and what not.  

18 Sep 2005 09:21
frame - DK general lee '02 orange 20" (getting a kink cielinki 19" soon)
headset - cane creek
stem - DK jump
handle bars - s&m dive
grips - bizhouse jym
brakes - odyssey evolution
brake lever - dia-tech dirt hary
brake cable - odyssey linear
fork - s&m pitch
seat clamp - dk
seat post - home made
seat - snafu
cranks - profile 175 mm
pedals - odyssey cielinki
chain - shadow interlock
chainwheel - profile widowmaker ss
rims- odyssey hazard lite and unknown single wall
hubs- unknown and odyessey hazard lite lhd prototype
tires - tioga comp 3, maxxis holyroller
pegs- odyssey gi pegs
and a 990 break cable made out of a bike chain  

23 Oct 2005 02:17
it is kinda newbish, i am a newb tough, it is a STOCK (i am ashamed) haro f4
hand brakes
full size
really fast!
full pegs  

24 Oct 2005 07:15
[QUOTE=wimp10]it is kinda newbish, i am a newb tough, it is a STOCK (i am ashamed) haro f4
hand brakes
full size
really fast!
full pegs[/QUOTE]
full size? hand breaks? really fast? wtf! there is no such thing as a full size bike nor hand breaks and u cant tell if its fast.  

24 Oct 2005 07:20
wud evur dude  

24 Oct 2005 07:40
[QUOTE=wimp10]wud evur dude[/QUOTE]
ok, what ever. it just mught help if you actualy know what is on a bike. and bikes arent fast, it is the person that is fast. gear ratios may change and change how fast the bike travels, but it is the person, not the bike.  

24 Oct 2005 07:44
umm kay but i am a newbie sooooooooo  

24 Oct 2005 18:31
I ride a DK eightpack good enough for me its pretty much stock i jsu tbought it this year holding up fine i ate thru the grips got sum new ones and i almost done those ones after a week im getting tenderizers soon and a we the peopl 36tsprkt with WTP 3 peics crnks.  

25 Oct 2005 05:44
thats happened to me too, my grips melted, lol. didnt last very long  

26 Oct 2005 00:53

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