Lots of part for sale , good condition.

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All these parts here are mostly new , i have only ever used them a few times. leave a post here if u want anything.I'm taking offers.I live in the uk
Thanks alot.

S&M sabbath frame, Full 4130 Cr-mo

S&M Divebars

Odyssey 41 Thermal cranks

Odyssey Dirt Forks (41 thermal)

Back wheel - sun big city chrome rims 48 spoke, Odyssey Hazard cassete hub with 12, 13, 14 and 16T cogs. g-sport spokes.
Front wheel-sun big city chrome rims 36 spoke ,Odyssey Vandero front hub, G-sport spokes.
Both wheels built at "alans" . [url]www.alansbmx.com[/url]

SEALED Odyssey jim cielencki pedals(mg) ,Replacement pins included ,

Fly bikes malaga stem.

Profile blackjack sprocket

2 primo wall tyres

Demolition pro seat
Odyssey's Jim's Beam seatpost (41 thermal)
2 dirty harry levers
odyssey evolver brake
odyssey monolever
"Can i eat" dvd for sale  

02 Sep 2005 02:05

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