need help in a bike for a newbie!!

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hi ive jus got into bmx and need some help in finding a good bike for a beginner. please help!!!!!  

03 Sep 2005 22:30
oh yeh and im into parks and stuff and im looking for somthin thats not too expencive.  

04 Sep 2005 02:25
im pretty sure that most ppl will say to check out somethin in your price range, something thats comfy and something closer to your style ie dont get a flatland bike if your not gonna flatland. danscomp is prolly the best place if you gonna do street or park i know that free agent has some good not very high priced bikes, i build mine so ya i know more of what i like but before you go and spend hella $$ try bikes of your friends and get an idea of what you like  

04 Sep 2005 04:27
how big are you, check out the volume black sheep, wethepeople amateur series bikes, stolen bike co., hoffman, fit bike co.. those are some companies ill help you find a bike when i know your height and weight though.  

04 Sep 2005 18:34
im with monkey i have afree agent bike there not very expensive but there really good quality  

04 Sep 2005 20:53
im 5'11 and 121 lbs.  

04 Sep 2005 22:19
free agents arent bad, check out volumes, wethepeoples, and stolen bike co. bicycles too.  

05 Sep 2005 06:07
look in custom riders and youl find a gooden but be worned mst complete bimes have rubbish components all thats good is the frame some times the forks and sprocket, tyres and seats seat post and clamp and mostley stem. but if you realy want your own personal touch to your ride just build a custom one i think custom riders are selling the joe rich kit forks bars and frame for like £350  

19 Sep 2005 15:44
Hi all! I am new! But i figured i would offer the advice that i received. I ordered thourgh Danscomp and I talked to one of their people and they say that they recommend the Poverty Buck 99 for a beginner. I just ordered mine today. (cant wait!) Was this a good decision?  

19 Sep 2005 23:29
o btw, my bike was only $225. WITH SHIPPING!  

19 Sep 2005 23:30
performer, buy bike  

20 Sep 2005 02:36
i ave 3 bikes, a haro 540 mirra, which is gd, i think. i got a federal freedom which i love and i got a custom made bike. way to expensive if ur just startin. but a haro or a fit bike would be could for a first timer.  

26 Sep 2005 20:47
go on theyre good and cheap  

10 Oct 2005 00:03
cheers guys but i now have a wethepeople it good and light and a real nice ride. just need to go learn some shit!

11 Oct 2005 00:48

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