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how do u dirt jump i mean i m awesome but i just have no style when it comes to big ones i dont know how to pop off 2 get air any help?  

03 Feb 2003 22:28
I ride for fun
Learn how to pump hte bike just write and then pop off the lip with a big ass bunnyhop and youll soar.  

06 Feb 2003 22:15
Just lean back a little and pop the seat up close to your ass at the lip of the jump :wink:  

18 Feb 2003 01:56
high flier
if your good at little jumps, you should have the style and form down. the only diffrence between the small and large is basically your speed. if you go a little faster and pull up a little harder you should do just fine.

life is like a game, play hard  

28 Feb 2003 13:06
u could pull up and push down and pull ur brake in the air it makes ur nose go down  

19 Feb 2004 12:41
Hey dudez i am 11 and i suck alot :oops: can u plz tell me how to get more air coz i iznt very good!! :(  

19 Apr 2004 14:44
the only for sure way that i kno is to do a bunnyhop a little after you go off the lip of the jump.other than that im not sure.  

16 Aug 2005 05:49
if the lip is good youn dont need to jump that high  

17 Aug 2005 06:57
Skratch Kid
Man, I've been riding a heavy ass mtn bike for 2 years and I've been doing jumps on it for a year, so when I switched over to my first little K2 I soared. Its a good feeling.  

23 Aug 2005 03:36

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