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hey guys all I need is some tips or how tos on basic tricks. I've heard x-ups are easy and barspins are easy to. any tricks that are good for dirt or street would be awsome.

live to ride  

05 Sep 2005 21:30
practice your bunny hops and manuals and other jumping before you start doing tricks  

06 Sep 2005 22:06
awsome ill do that  

08 Sep 2005 07:34
360, then one hander 360, then one footer 360, then barspin 360, blah blah blah  

09 Sep 2005 03:18
just go all out and spin like fook and 540 to fakie your local spine best trick youl ever do you wont land it first time it took me 5 attempts but im glad i did it. and in dirt try a no footed x-up  

19 Sep 2005 15:10

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