Bikes for sale, both ride mint.

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first bike is my old bike that i use for a spare now. its a 98' standard trailboss frame, im not sure what it has for sealed hubs but it has 48 bfrs front and back. Primo mustache bars, fbm bottleneck stem, standard forks, primo grips, primo alloy seat(and extra), seat post(and extra), profile sealed 3pc. cranks(extra set of crank arms), profile sprocket(and animal 39t extra), primo tenderizer pedals, dia tech 990 brakes. (also have extra back wheel but its rare so it will cost you its a sealed gt mohawk flip flop hub laced to a peregrine rim, 48 spoke) anymore questions just ask, this bike can be painted any color you want.

now for my personal bike. its a 00' s&m trail frame in mint condition(dropouts milled out to 14mm), slam bars, profile stem, pitchforks, brand new front wheel a sunrace 48 sealed hub laced to a odyssey hazard light, back wheel worth 280 bucks itself its a profile left hand drive sealed 48 spoke cassette hub laced to a sun bfr rim. primo rod seat post, s&m hotseat(new), hombre fiesta gold brake kit(new), odyssey red slic cable(new), dia-tech dirt harry brake lever ,primo powerbite 3-pc cranks, s&m pedals(half sealed), fbm 36t sprocket, 13t cog on cassette, kmc k710 chain(new), primo wall tire(new), maxxis holy roler tire(new)(or a s&m mainline tire also new) if i left anything out just ask, a deal at 450 not including shipping  

06 Sep 2005 22:23
[SIZE=7][COLOR=Navy]hi everyone
sorry to bump the thread but i cant work out to start a new one so hey!!
I have a HUFFY M80 for sale!
Not wanting a lot for it, just want rid!
It has all the 3 piece crank, ext, ext, and new set of tyres.
No rust just need a paint job! HAS BEEN KEPT IN A SHED! NOT OUT SIDE!
Open to offers!
Thanks Ed

Live in Kettering by the way. It would need collecting![/COLOR][/SIZE]  

13 Mar 2006 16:07
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13 Mar 2006 16:18
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13 Mar 2006 16:24
making big print like that does nothing, it just makes ppl not want to read it....


13 Mar 2006 16:25
yea and what! i didnt realise it was gana b that big till a submitted it and then there was nothing i could do bout it!!
Is that you in that picture is it!
It dont make a difference putting a picture of yourself on the page! It just makes people realise what an ugly fu**er you r!!!!
And i posted that to try sell my bike, not to get some idiot attempting 2 giv me sh*t!!  

13 Mar 2006 16:30
those are some pretty sweet bikes that guy has for sale (and im not talking about you eddiecorke)  

13 Mar 2006 21:59
just searh owned on google and that picture comes up stupid. and you can edit posts...[img][/img]  

14 Mar 2006 16:18
[QUOTE=bobe]making big print like that does nothing, it just makes ppl not want to read it....


posting pictures of yourself LIKE THAT will only:
1 make people throw up their dinner
2 let peepz KNO your retarded(not think)
3 scare the shit out of little kids
thatz the ugliest picture i ever saw if i were your mom id hide the camera to prevent you from taking pictures  

29 Mar 2006 04:32
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31 Mar 2006 16:40
you fucking people dont listen.


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31 Mar 2006 19:20
hahah lol :) :( :) ^_^ >_< <_> *_* *O* $_$ ?_? '_'

those are all the little tricks i know o and *x*  

01 Apr 2006 20:38

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