hi all its me again back to talk

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hi guys im back i thought all our posts and stuff was deleted

but i see all they did was change the style

anyone know if nolaquen, drummerchick and fatsk8er still post

get back peeps

also you newbies look at my post count lol  

10 Sep 2005 00:12
no idont think they come back man it sucks

dude look at mine to we owned this place  

10 Sep 2005 07:29
im not to sure i remember u m8

what do u do

sk8board bmx etc  

10 Sep 2005 23:48
thats bruskys, he changed his name  

11 Sep 2005 07:08
haha oh yea i forgot i changed my name  

11 Sep 2005 09:04
[QUOTE=spaztix]haha oh yea i forgot i changed my name[/QUOTE]
oh yeah wassssssuuupppp bruskys m8 u remember me

hey i still got that 3 hour DVD of me and ma crew and i still got ya address wanna copy its sik ???????  

12 Sep 2005 03:27
everyone rememebers you dude  

13 Sep 2005 01:48
yea i didn't die yet.....  

25 Sep 2005 09:06
do you still have that purple hair? lol, it looked good on you  

25 Sep 2005 16:14
yea it's that dark blue/purple color and black  

27 Sep 2005 20:33

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