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I have only been riding about a week or so and I ride mostly street. I was wondering if anyone had any tips or helpful information for me.


05 Feb 2003 02:04
always keep an eye out for what could hit you mainly people like my sis, shes anoying  

05 Feb 2003 15:16
First off, remeber that your on a watch out for cars, ppl, and TRAINS! heh, just be curtious to other, you can hurt somone bad with a bike, and dont forget your self also, wear the proper equipment if your new to riding, when you get more experienced you can lose some of it, but I wear at least knee pads, cuz knee's are a little expensive to replace. As for riding tips, I suggest renting the movie Rad, good stuff on that movie for beginners to learn and study!  

13 Feb 2003 18:10
i say that the main thing to remember is you cant just learn things overnight normally. It takes PRACTICE. The more you ride, the better you'll get. I would advise practicing the same tricks that you already know a lot to, fluidity makes linking things together much easier.

17 Feb 2003 20:45
high flier
practice makes perfect. make sure you have the right safty equipment when you ride. if riding dirt, dont just jump in, take it little at first. if any one laughs at you tell them your new at it, most decent rider will understand and try to help you but occasionly you will find jerks that shut you down. stand your ground. remember take it easy its supposed to be fun. and be cautious and curtious to other people and riders, you only get out what you put in.  

26 Feb 2003 17:33
new BMXer
where can i rent this RAD movie !?!

:?: cory y :twisted:  

07 Jan 2004 21:49
chill, have fun while riding, go out there and RIP don't Ramp but RIP UP THE JAWN, aight  

11 Jan 2004 19:08
hang round with peeps who have bin ridin longer than u and they can usually help more than anyone here  

18 Feb 2004 23:15
Watching videos and reading magazines help and get you pumped up, but getting real advice from someone who is expirienced is perfect because they can show everything about riding.  

03 Mar 2004 12:54

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