haha my bike is not stolen my bad

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sorry about that...late night last night. my friend decided to borrow it without telling me haha. what a f ucker.  

11 Sep 2005 12:41
ooo yay thats great  

11 Sep 2005 19:37
lmao, you mustve pissed your pants for no reason  

13 Sep 2005 01:49
Thats good that it didnt get stolen..I bet you were pissed lol.  

13 Sep 2005 17:48
dude i was so pissed you dont even want to know what i was thinking about doing to someone if i saw them riding my bike. plus i had to call the pigs and thats never fun. they were dicks the guy was like haha is this a joke because my forks are pink lol. fuckers.  

14 Sep 2005 03:37
all the cops in my neighborhood are crooked. i was skating at 10 in my driveway last weekend and somebodt called in a "domestic disturbance" and when the cop came he just drove by and didnt do anything. the peron that called it in was angry. they ran out of the houise trying to get thier attention but they just kept driving.  

15 Sep 2005 03:24

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