calling all sk8ergirls

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hey all you girl sk8ers big ya selves up i wish i could come and kiss all of ya i love sk8ergirls and wont be assciated with those hot chicks i would rather be with a butt ugly sk8ergirl then a fit blue eyed blonde

i bet all you sk8er girls are fit as

get back paul  

12 Sep 2005 03:33
my gf is a total babe and she can stand on a skateboard which is good enough fo rme  

12 Sep 2005 05:56
my last girlfriend could kickflip and thats about it.  

13 Sep 2005 01:53
[QUOTE=wabeiboy]i have a rabbit, and he can sorta sk8[/QUOTE]
haha a rabbit... what? you couldn't get a girl ? i mean... yea rabbits like to have sex every five min, but it's just not the same 8P  

30 Sep 2005 00:20
do you glue you rabbit to the board or somehting? how do keep him on the board?  

30 Sep 2005 23:01

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