how lucky are u spaztix`

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here is my ex gf for u

she cheated on me after a week of us meeting just coz i didnt want sex she went to a old mates house and fucked him. she niceked money of me. she hit. she lied to me and i got her pregnant. then she left me coz i got sacked

fucking bitch couldnt sk8 either  

12 Sep 2005 13:30
dude thats so horrible man io remember u sayin something about that a whilke ago  

12 Sep 2005 16:30
i dont want sex, and everyone calls me gay, IM 14 ITS AGAINST THE LAW FOR ME TO HAVE SEX. everyone else pretends like they fuck but theyre goddamn virgins just like me. i hate people who are like that  

15 Sep 2005 03:30
Ak Boarder Boy
Word up bobe i wanna wait i aint ready yet im 14 to  

15 Sep 2005 08:44
guys i lost mine when i was 12 with some 19 year old blonde maybe us english guys are more sex driven lol  

15 Sep 2005 18:19
you a virg then  

15 Sep 2005 23:45
[QUOTE=skateboarder]maybe us english guys are more sex driven lol[/QUOTE]

thats greek people, lol, idk  

16 Sep 2005 01:15

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