How do I manual?

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Is there an easy way to do manual. If not how do you?  

17 Sep 2005 20:46
Just pull up and keep your balance..its just a wheelie without pedaling. Very simple once you find your balance point.  

18 Sep 2005 09:22
throw your ass back  

18 Sep 2005 18:28
its easy just ride along at any speed faster makes it easyer to pull up the front end and just find your balance point by shuffeling your weight back and forth. try hoping to manual on to benches and curbs do a manual and 180 out very usfull trick  

19 Sep 2005 14:44
on a manual, how far is considered a good one, like 10 ft or 50 ft?  

19 Sep 2005 23:40
manuals are hard, i cant help you, but i can do them on skateboards pretty well  

20 Sep 2005 02:21
ok ive been tryin to manual for about a year, this is what u do throw ur ass and once u fell the front end go down pull up wiht your forearms!! i can do about a 30 footer about 3 markers on the street. im now workin on my maunal off benchs and what not. the easyest way is to practice!!  

23 Sep 2005 05:32
breakless and pegless
i used to be breakless mark but messed it up. manuling 30ft is a good start but try manuling a empty car park and count how many spaces you do my record is currently 20car park spaces but thats with a manual bar spin in the middle so i could go thurther with ease  

24 Sep 2005 18:31
it is hard at first to do a manual. but after practice u can get gd at it. doin it off benches is hard, but with alot of practice and a lot of time, manualin off benches will be like manualin down the street.  

26 Sep 2005 20:30
Happy rider
I`ve been riding for just over a year now and manualing is just starting to make sense now. You gotta know that your going for a manual and make it your target to just keep that front end in the air no matter what. By trying this you will find your method of manual. Happy manualling  

08 Oct 2005 16:59

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