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Ok, I am new so you have to realize I ask ALOT of questions! :-)
my question is: What are the best tricks to start learning? and also if anyone has tips for all of us new guys post em here!  

19 Sep 2005 23:38
on what? dirt park? vert? huh? huh?  

20 Sep 2005 02:34
i will do mainly street and trail, but maybe some parks. answer ur question?  

20 Sep 2005 03:52
360, but modify it 100 ways, one hander no hander, those are easy. one footer no footer, those are easy too. when you get those try bigger stuff like 360 barspin (truck driver(i think)) or a 360 crotch grab  

22 Sep 2005 22:32
if u cant do bunny-hops learn how to do them, once u master that try gettin air outta a jump, once u have enough air try doin a x-up or a 180, try dropin in on a ramp.  

26 Sep 2005 20:40
cropping in on a bike is hard...ive been riding for many years and i still think its hard  

28 Sep 2005 13:36
bunny hop and wheelie are essential, once u've done those (this is for dirt and street) u can try an x-up but the first jump trick to try is a tweak they are easy, and another starter trick is a wall stall (or wall kiss) just pop up ur front wheel against a wall.... hold it on the side of the wall for a couple seconds then pop again and ride off  

09 Oct 2005 23:57

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