What the most embarasing thats ever happend snowboarding?

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:oops: What is the most emarasing thing that you have ever dont while you were riding? :oops:  

05 Feb 2003 20:43
Omg! Margaret i bet u kno what im talking about ok i was riding down tha hill and i was with muh friend just goin along and then it came to a steep part and iwas like YEEHA! and i wasnt paying attention and i did a face plant right into tha snow omg muh face has never been so cold hahaha it was embarrasing but also hilarious hehe :oops: 8)  

09 Feb 2003 19:25
It wasn't me but..I was attempting to teach my friend to snowboard, we had just gotten off the lift and she had stepped into her bindings. Then I was telling her how to get up without me pulling her up. She managed to get up but then sat back down. I asked her why she sat down...she said the board moved!! :!:  

04 Mar 2003 16:28
sk8 forever
now thats funny!! :lol:  

17 Dec 2003 02:34
i've only been riding for like a couple of years, and only have gone on like, 5 or more trips, so im definately a beginner, but i was goin up this kicker, obviiosly way out of my league, it was huge, i just remember, goin off of it, and landing on my back, it hurt for two weeks, but i got plenty of sky..hehe  

19 Dec 2003 00:39
OH, and can someone tell me how to go off a jump, b/c im seeking professional help.. thanx.  

19 Dec 2003 00:47
ok this one time i was ripping down the hill after hitting this massive jump and i was going sooo fast i shit myself and it was all over my white snow pants  

23 Dec 2003 02:46
when i was 9 i was at mt. bachelor. and the conditions were horrible, i was miserable. so i just buttboarded down, without my leash. it flew out from me and went all the way down to the tubing park. this ski patrol bitch came up to me and started cussing out a miserable 9 year old. some ass. about 6 different ppl on the lift were tellin me it was at the tubing park, so my sis' bf (hero) got it back for me. thanks micah.  

26 Dec 2003 02:05
i got close lined by a tree and had to get stiches in my throght

20 Jan 2004 13:11
i got off the ski lift and fell when i brought myherd up another chair hit me in the head :shock:  

25 Jan 2004 17:16
[b]Yeah- put me on a ski lift, somethings bound to happen. I have no problem getting off, it's getting my butt onto the seat I have so much difficulty with[/b]! :oops:  

07 Aug 2004 03:15
out of all the so call extreme sports (haha), snowboarding has got to be the lamest................fucktards  

28 Sep 2004 18:24
so what the hell do u do all day then.... sit round pissing people of

thats a gr8 way to live  

28 Sep 2004 18:26
at our hill ther is a van with a step up onto it. well there were some hot girls i was talking to and i was trying to show off doing the van i faceplanted right into the top!  

18 Jan 2006 02:17
Well, the spam on this thread is interesting >.>;;

Most embarassing thing? Got super pumped after getting my first pipe experience, rode back up the hill, and bolted down the hill full speed, excited to get back to pipe. The only thing seperating me and the pipe: moguls. Lots...and lots...of moguls... Pretty sure I stayed down for a good 15 minutes... And since it was near the top of the hill, everyone had a good laugh watching me ragdoll down the hill... It was fun, though ^^  

18 Nov 2006 18:54
sitting on my bindings was probaly the most painful and embarassing -_-  

25 Dec 2006 12:44

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