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A little about me.
I'm 35, was hard core into street and flatland in 1986-90, rode a Haro Team Sport and briefly, a Team Master.

Been out of the scene for the last 15 years, but just found a FREE Haro Revo. Totally stock, in great shape, but the forks are bent.

What forks should I be looking for?
I'm looking for sites that sell Haro parts. They don't seem to sell online.
Sites related to flatland so I can relearn a bunch of stuff!


23 Sep 2005 04:20
This is a pretty unhelpful forum. I'm gone.  

27 Sep 2005 16:40
LMAO, ok whatever old star. idk, i never changed my forks  

28 Sep 2005 13:39
im not sure but keep tryin.... its great ur startin again  

10 Oct 2005 00:01
try ebay and or dans comp  

15 Oct 2005 20:03

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