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Can someone give me a tip on how to manual longer than I can now? I can manual for 4 seconds now but I know lots of people can hold them for like 10 to 15 seconds and that makes me feel like I suck even though I only started bmx 6 months ago from nothing and I can do x-ups and no handers and 360s but thats all. I need to know how to manual longer so I can put variations into my manuals such as manual bar spin. Thanks alot..  

26 Sep 2005 23:34
is it possible to do a no hander manual?  

30 Sep 2005 22:59
if u can try manualing out of a ramp.. dont jump, just get some speed up n as ur back wheel comes up on the tip of the bank pull the front up. if u can try manualing at speed.  

08 Oct 2005 00:21

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