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Hey Drummerchick U Wanna Maybe Meet Up One Day  

01 Oct 2005 21:04
sure i do what wanna meet up with drummer

u do know i have been talking to her for well over 2 years lol  

02 Oct 2005 19:51
mates dont really do that unless your like going out or something

i tried when we first met but i think she hates all that kinda stuff

no guy does right  

08 Oct 2005 14:19
i learned a new british idiom today, i cant spell it but i think its bloke (blow-k) do people call you that, mate?  

14 Oct 2005 01:47
also thats an aussi thing too but how is that new to you ?  

14 Oct 2005 01:59
bloke is english i always call men blokes and guys  

14 Oct 2005 15:09
i knew it was english i just didnt know if its used in different parts of england but not others, bloke  

15 Oct 2005 00:49
im pretty sure all england uses expexiallt london and southerns  

15 Oct 2005 20:20
wth are you talking about? whats "expexiallt"?  

18 Oct 2005 23:52
i meant i think most people that say bloke are from london and the south of england

i meant especially  

23 Oct 2005 22:29

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