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hey im 12 and id say the only reason i live is 4 bmxing so any1 got any ideas i can use 2 practice that r simple and hard ive been tryin bunny hop but it dosent work and some1 tell me how? :)  

07 Oct 2005 00:28
Black Angle
Im im 13 and i can bunny hop about a foot. Just try a get as low as possible before you jump. I have only been ridin for a bout 1 1/2 months now.  

09 Oct 2005 06:30
its ok ive been there...... all you hav to do is crouch, then hop up, then pull ur handlebars up and point ur toes down and lift the back at the same time. it only takes a while to get the hang of.  

09 Oct 2005 23:40

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