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why cant people see heath kirchart for the skater he is, not the shoe. why isnt he all over magazines and web sites? he does the best stuff ive ever seen anyone do on a skateboard. most of oyu little kids gave probably never even seen his face. want proof as to what he can do? heres a free tour...

[URL=]thats 18 stairs[/URL]
[URL=]thats a grind, not a stall, nosebluntslide[/URL]
[URL=]this needs no intro, sick[/URL]

am i going too fast for you? because i thought that you also might like tosee this one...

[URL=]trust me, he did it before carlos ruiz did these stairs[/URL]

the proof is there, wheres his reward?  

09 Oct 2005 05:05
Kody Hawk
I'm going with you man. I'm not all for his shoes. I mean yeah they're great and all but heck he is a hell of a good skater. I've seen some the alien workshop videos and I mean it! 2 thumbs up from me.  

03 Nov 2005 19:24
i was talking to my friend about it and hed never even seen heath skate. heath's done a bs tailslide kick flip out so poop on you.  

03 Nov 2005 23:34
my buddys and i like him  

04 Nov 2005 04:50
no one around baltimore and wash dc like him. maybe its just an area thing, idk. but thanks for the support.  

05 Nov 2005 19:09
and doesnt that pic with the van remind you of the mega ramp and the box thing?  

05 Nov 2005 19:10
i dont no what mega ramp you meean

like the giant dc one????  

05 Nov 2005 19:58
yeah, and they put that box with a rail on it. and they started doing manuals and grinds and all kinds of crap. that box looks just like it.

its the second link  

07 Nov 2005 04:53

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