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I ride for fun
Anybody any good or just likes to ride IM me

06 Feb 2003 22:25
yea im perty good at fallin!  

18 Feb 2003 22:41
Im pretty good at trails thats all i ride,yet i am good at street,feebles,smiths whatever you want i can basically do but trails are my passion

Email me at [email][/email]
Or im me at jhjames67  

18 Feb 2003 23:37
im ok im learnin tailwhips at da mo  

19 Feb 2004 12:44
im crap coz i cant even do a bunny hop that is 1 foot but im only 11 and i weigh 90 pounds on a 20 pound bike but i might be better wen im a bit older and stronger, anybody think so  

03 May 2004 02:25
Not that great, but I can feeble, smith, double peg, 360 (either tailtap or air out), and fufanu. Currently working on tabletops.  

03 May 2004 03:09
well im pretty good i can 180 360 180- barspin barspin turnown double peg,feeble,smith,working on sproket grind i can fufunu (sp) table tops in a bowl backwords souble pegs x up well im a streeter but prolly could do supermans, wall rides i can them too uhh i can manual 180 alot of thing my passion is 180 barspins i can do the mall day  

10 May 2004 08:09
iv been riding for 6 years and im lurning frount flip flairs and nothing super mans :twisted: but im stuck and run out of tricks o lurn. iv got a 10 ack and a foam pit at the end of it . so if any one can think of sum trick for me and post them or me that woud be sweet .....sorry about the spelling :roll:  

20 May 2004 08:26
some off the letters dont ork to good on my keyboard :cry:  

20 May 2004 08:29
Try tailwhips, turndowns, tabletops, indian air, rocket air, decade air, pendulum, there are many. So maybe get all those down and get sponsered, huh? :wink:  

20 May 2004 08:46
i can do all of them but i cant do fully exstended indan airs :cry:.i want to get sponced but where i live its to hard :evil: 8)  

20 May 2004 09:11

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