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Im new here I skate, I can ollie,shuv it, pop shuv it, kickflip and varial flip sometimes. I used to be registered here as almostskater or something  

12 Oct 2005 23:31
sweet how u doing buddy  

12 Oct 2005 23:32
im doing good but I cant skate right now because I got a concussion :-(  

12 Oct 2005 23:34
awwww baby lol

oops your a guy

what happened bud  

12 Oct 2005 23:42
I was skating down a hill and I hit a big ass rock and my board stopped but I didnt.....  

12 Oct 2005 23:43
h8 tht its so annoyin  

12 Oct 2005 23:45
yeah, what can you do?]  

12 Oct 2005 23:46
i have ma own halfpipe so alot all the lip tricks gettin close with a invert

ollie nollie switch ollie switch heelflip kickflip nollie shuv-it

the basics u know

f off long manuel

learnin nose manuel now  

12 Oct 2005 23:47
switch heel? damn how long you been skating?  

12 Oct 2005 23:50
hitting stuff happens to me alot it happened at woodward, i got a screw stuck in my wheel.

i dont do anything switch it too hard but im trying to nollie noseslide  

13 Oct 2005 03:08

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