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yea well my old myspace got deleted so like all you guys on here that wer emy freinds i lost so like yea write down your url here


13 Oct 2005 18:19
i just signed up for that so im a newb and i want to change my profile to public, how do i do that?


thats a pretty cool thingy you have there, ine would be better if i could figure out where to change the code.  

14 Oct 2005 01:31
go to account settings then go scroll to privacy settings and hit change

account settings is in the little box at the top left with your pic

to change the background and sych just insert the codes into your about me section  

14 Oct 2005 04:49
OOOHHHHH, i hope that worked  

15 Oct 2005 00:54
fucking myspace. [URL][/URL]  

08 Nov 2005 05:13
i really do need to make mine good. its just normal.....  

09 Nov 2005 15:36
i spent months learning html codes and whatnot to get mine good.  

10 Nov 2005 01:06
i own at computers mines so awesome i actually took alot of shit off cause it tool to long to load  

10 Nov 2005 03:00
mine is display name like elegna  

10 Nov 2005 05:26
i never really use the myspace. it doesnt affect me at all  

10 Nov 2005 23:59

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