What do you ride?

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I ride a zero with destructo's, spitfire wheels and bones red bearings.  

13 Oct 2005 20:11
alien workshop boards with destructo trucks and habitat wheels forever and ever but right now...

seek "when pigs fly deck" (its wavy, the wave, lol), destructo 7.5'' mid silver, and 56 mill fred gal see through habitat wheels, (when they get wet they look gold, its pretty cool)  

14 Oct 2005 01:44
i have a val surf deck 9local skate shop) flip sidecuts i dont even remember what bearings there so old. . . . i need some new ones. . . YAY birthday soon  

14 Oct 2005 04:53
i still have my old lib tech with powderblue silver trucks  

14 Oct 2005 07:54
is silver trucks a brand? never heard.  

15 Oct 2005 01:28
are you kidding ?  

15 Oct 2005 20:08
haha wow u must be out of the scene to never hear of silver  

16 Oct 2005 17:49
ive seen thier logo with silver by it but i never knew what they made, its like three lines going down on the right  

18 Oct 2005 23:47
Never heard of Silver either :-/

When I used to skate I had a Zero deco, Mini Logo Bearings.. um venture trucks I think.. can't remember what wheels.  

03 Nov 2005 15:08
dude you live in ireland? sweet. they speak english in ireland or whats the deal with that?  

03 Nov 2005 18:52
Yup. We speak English. Barely anyone speaks Irish all the time. Like 0.001% of the population or something :) We have to learn it in school though... which sucks.  

03 Nov 2005 20:10
so are you a wir sind helden fan too? europes biggest band, wir sind helden, lol. i had thier "die reklamation" cd sent to me from my friend in frankfurt.  

03 Nov 2005 23:32
i ride and enjoi rasda panda deck, grindking6 checkers trucks, geoff rowley ricta 52mm supernaturals and bones reds  

28 Nov 2005 00:33
enjoi is funny, that company makes me laugh  

28 Nov 2005 15:35
i just got a new deck for christmas = im not sposed to be riding it though

element bam shadow deck
element thriftwood bearings
element bam shadow wheels
destructo trucks
$220 AU bargin or what?  

13 Dec 2005 13:09
thats way over priced and element sucks

wait what an AU?  

13 Dec 2005 15:41
Kody Hawk
I ride a WAL-MART board with some hella old gold trucks and spitfire 52.5 mill wheels and a mix of in the front reds and in the back black bone bearings with PIG pile risers which are like 4 years old and still haven't even cracked yet! :)  

13 Dec 2005 19:01
the risers havent cracked? have you checked them, you dont know for sure  

13 Dec 2005 19:32
why risers? they seem so silly if you wanna be high get higher trucks. . . .  

14 Dec 2005 02:13
i like my board sitting high, i get risers, destructo mids and big wheels, 56mm  

15 Dec 2005 00:50
thats crazy i have royal lows and 50 or 51mm wheels  

15 Dec 2005 02:44
i do a lot of vert and conrete banks and stuff. you know rough stuff, i need big wheels  

15 Dec 2005 03:07
vert isnt rough street is rough  

15 Dec 2005 03:50
vert street. theres this ditch by me that i skate and do some frontside ollies off of and stuff  

15 Dec 2005 15:22

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