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is anyone here goth? im not but i like to wear black and gray. but i dont like the music one bit

i cant add polls anymore?  

14 Oct 2005 01:34
i'm not but lots of people ask me if i am  

14 Oct 2005 01:36
because of your purple hair yeah lol, i thought you were though  

14 Oct 2005 01:45
yea and i have black in it now so it's even worse  

14 Oct 2005 02:03
i dont like goths or emo kids its an annoying trend that will be over soon  

14 Oct 2005 04:47
haha yea why can't they stop saying they're differnt from each other and really act like it  

14 Oct 2005 07:50
i no emo kids r like we r so difffernt so mis understoop

cept they aaalllll have black pants tight little black shirt black hair thats covering their eyes and that stupid stuff

punks have not been understood for 30 years do u see us whining like little babies about how we wanna die?  

14 Oct 2005 08:20

well i think it's best to dress and act the way it suits you best  

14 Oct 2005 17:54

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