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chris bmxer
Can somebody tell me how I can do a bunny hop? :)  

16 Oct 2005 17:29
Yeah man, I'll help you out. Simply pull your arms back/up towards you to lift the front wheel off the ground, then jump with your legs. Suck your feel up under you and use your feet to pull the rear wheel up, and at the same time push your arms out in front of you and roll your wrists forward, this'll cause the bike to level out in the air. just keep practicing, it takes some time at first, but you'll figure it out. It took me about a week, but now I can clear 28inches, and a buddy of mine can bunny hop 36inches!! he actually hits himself in the but w/the rear tire because he pulls the bike up so high.  

16 Oct 2005 18:04
make sure u do what he said ^^^^ and not pull both tires of the ground at the same time  

16 Oct 2005 19:07

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