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I've got an eastern element i bought as a complete, but i've already twisted the seat rails. I have a habit of doing this...this is the 5th seat i've done this to. I did this seat in by bailing at our trails and the bike dropped about 8ft strait to the seat. So, pretty soon I'll be getting a new seat and seat post, so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions, I just want something that wont bend. I was looking at the new macneil seat/seat posts. They've got a new inovative design that doesn't even have rails, but I don't know anyone who's tried them out. Any suggestions??

oh yeah, I don't want to spend much money, i'm a broke college kid, so funds are limited. But I do want something that'll last  

16 Oct 2005 18:09
chris bmxer
Do you know how i can make a manual bar spin (360,180)
or a tail whip?  

16 Oct 2005 18:35
sorry i dont really know whats good i jus have the nes that came stock on my bike and theve been fine

dude you must made a topic about that if someone knows how to do that stuff they will answer you in the topic you made so if your not gonna reply to the topic in this case about the seats stay out  

16 Oct 2005 19:05
he's kinda agrivating huh? lol. i suggest a snafu seat. ive had mine for 3 years and it has hald up very well. it was only about $25. all of the seats u see for loads of money are shit. they are made to be light as hell and they are very weak. what is too much money for u to spend?  

24 Oct 2005 07:18

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