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chris bmxer
Do somebody knows how I can make a manual bar spin 360,180 and tail whip?  

16 Oct 2005 18:53
dude u cant bunny hop learn that first  

16 Oct 2005 19:05
i need to know tailwhip too, im afraid to try it cause i might get mangled up in the bike when i try it  

17 Oct 2005 23:29
once again, try it yourself. reading somthing wont help you. and fucking dont try stuff far advanced for your skill level. well, more like unskill level.  

24 Oct 2005 05:15
try it yourself. reading somthing wont help you.dont try stuff far advanced for your skill level. well,i must say i have to agree with this man ,when i started learning i always wonted to be the best, so i decided that it doesnt matter what trick you do as long that it looks and feels like the best one youve ever done.so i started with the easiest tricks to learn ,then when i felt satisfied i moved on acordingly, i also found that i wanted to do all the big stuff to but when i was just starting found that if you try stuff to advanced to soon you just get badly hurt and put off by the whole bmx seen .my advice is it may take longer but work at it slowly and presise to get full satisefaction. you will also find that once you can do the basics well that alot of other tricks come natrally..............take it easy  

30 Oct 2005 14:07
the adivec we've been giving to try stuff himself does not get the point to his head. now he's probably more pissed cause no one answers his question.  

30 Oct 2005 18:38
funny that i was thinking the same thing you know  

30 Oct 2005 22:54
hahahahaha! well, maybe he isnt pissed cause i think i scared him away from the forum. hasnt been on in days.  

30 Oct 2005 23:12
hes probably taken the advice and is doing some much needed practise good for him or if he dicides he knows best and goes for the bigger stuff maybe bad for him who knows ?  

01 Nov 2005 00:55
chris bmxer
i am back and i am not pissed i was trying to put out manual 360 and i did it  

04 Nov 2005 22:58
congrats. see what going outside and not asking questions does.  

04 Nov 2005 23:13
i have a question about the tailwhip. ok, im right handed and i kick the bike with my left foot to do a tailwhip. but if i kicked it with my right foot, is that alley-oop tailwhip? or whats the deal with that?  

05 Nov 2005 01:01
its just an opposite. only spin's rotatiing the opposite way of travel in bmx is an alley-oop  

05 Nov 2005 02:49
will people notice it if i try it? is it worth learning a tailwhip both ways?  

05 Nov 2005 19:03

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