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chris bmxer
I want to learn how I can make a tail whip I send about 3 threads and nobody answer me(I meen nobody answer me that I was asking).  

18 Oct 2005 17:28
u just bunny hop and veer sideways its easy once u get the hang of it  

18 Oct 2005 21:10
i read a thread u posted about not knowing how to bunny hop? while learn that first. maybe about 4 , 5 years down the line try the tailwhip u have to be very advansed and be comfortable with ur bike!  

18 Oct 2005 23:05
ok first have your left foot on your left pedal bring your right foot over your top tube on the left side stick your right foot in your front tire and when your back end comes up kick your chain wheel with your left foot to get it moving and your on your own from there

22 Oct 2005 04:36
dude, if you want to do a tail whip, get off your fucking ass and go outside. simply reading something will not make you do it. it takes lots of practice. i know you are new to bmx but fucking slow down. learn how to ride better and shit. u cant learn everything you want to in a few seconds. go outside, get on your bike and fucking try them yourself. we cant help you, only you can.  

24 Oct 2005 05:11

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