Here We Go Again!

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Howdy all,
Old rider, new begining here. Ive ridden for many years, but after I joined the Army, I kinda lost touch with the BMX world. Anyways, I just recently purchased a new Bike, a Mongoose Villian. Got it for a good price I guess($219.99) and Im going to get back in to riding. Anyways, just thought I would find a group of guys that know the lingo and can help me with any problems I might have with the new ride. Anyone in the El Paso area? If so, give me an email, maybe we can ride sometime, I need to find the good spots to ride at around here, cuz Ft. Bliss sucks for riding :roll:  

13 Feb 2003 17:56
Hey I was looking to purchase the villan but I am going to get the mongoose mischief. If you have any questions or need help with something feel free to ask.  

27 Feb 2003 13:18
high flier
i run a combat mongoose. if any of you guys are in pennsylvania(allentown area) we can ride together and maybe even go and hang out with luc-e the main rider from bethlehem.  

28 Feb 2003 17:34
i just got a mongoose ace  

31 Jul 2005 05:38
i got a mongoose K.O. it rides pretty good  

14 Aug 2005 01:48

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