what components do u have???

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hey guys just wanna find out what ppl have on their bike component wize
i am riding a

fit logic frame
fit fork
s&m redneck stem
primo hollow bite crank
primo cassete hub 9t ti with primo hula hoop
primo hub with a primo hual hoop (front)
over sized kmc chain
primo cnc sprocket
s&m medium handle bars
primo seat
diatech dirt harry lever
i think thats about it
plz let me here what u guys have i htink it can be quite interesting


18 Oct 2005 23:12
I have a fit replica, haven't changed any of the parts except the wheels and I'm running profile ss hubs laced to oddysey 7A-k rims. Oh yeah and my sproket bent so I got a T1 american flyer. I'm broke so I can't go all out.  

19 Oct 2005 00:16
i have the team logic bike and have upgraded from that. how does the replica run is it any good and how much did u pay  

19 Oct 2005 15:11
It's heavy, but an Ok starting bike. yours is most likely a much better frame. If you're looking for a new fit ride i'd go with the S3 when they release it and i payed 250.  

19 Oct 2005 23:51

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