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i'm not an administrator on this site but a bunch of the noob questions are gettin angrivating. all of these posts about you not being able to do somthing and want someone to tell you how, there is now way words you read will make you do somthing. if you find an easy way to do somthing, its already been done. bmx has been around for over 40 years and almost everything posible has been done and is known. the reapeat threads about the same thing which no one answers, if they dont answer one, what makes you think they will answer the second, thrird, fourth, ect. ones? i've only been on this sight for two days but this shit is already agrivating. instead of posting all your problems and asking how to do stuff, go outside, and practice. no one can learn something after only trying for two minutes. if you just started riding, come to reality, you cant learn backflips, tail whips, ect... if you have only been riding for a few weeks and cant even bunny hopw or anything. dont try and be the best and try everything. take your time, perfect what you already know, then move on to something slightly more dificult that is in your skill range. i have been riding bmx for about ten years now and i still cant even do some of the stuff you want to do. take your time. and practice practice practice!  

24 Oct 2005 05:25

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