2003 O'brien custom 142

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I found this board with link bindings for 300, but not sure if its even a good board...i started wakeboarding last summer on a hyperlite belmont 136 of my friends, it was a little small for me b/c im about 175-180 pounds.
if u have riddin a custom, please let me know what u think.  

14 Feb 2003 19:36
welcome to the boards dude!
well I'm a newbie myself when it comes to wakeboarding but hopefully wake gurus here will be happy to assist you and they will be better than me on that........... :wink:  

14 Feb 2003 23:01
Thanks Mr. Phear,
Hopfully some1 can help us new-comers out soon. :wink: HINT HINT!  

14 Feb 2003 23:19
ROFL @ your sig! :D
guess i'm not the only one getting bombarded with those axe banners & commercials...  

15 Feb 2003 00:39
Just to let u know...im NOT talking about the axe commercial where the old biker or the dog attacks him....just the hot chickies... 8) lol

15 Feb 2003 01:11

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