How good should i be?

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I have been riding since june and i think i can bunny hop and stuff pretty good how good should i be doing  

25 Oct 2005 06:10
does that really matter? just keep going, and doing what you like  

26 Oct 2005 00:49
as long as you enjoy what you are doing keep doin it. my advice would be if you want to get better or faster ride with as many riders as you can ,that way you can learn lots of different tricks,it motervates you more to try new things ,but the most important thing is you enjoy yourself more and the fun is shared .hope this helps  

28 Oct 2005 21:37
i have only been bmxing for like a couple of months more than you, and i think that next you should try doing 45 degree turns when you bunny hop, the turn is the base for loads of other tricks no matter what you do (street,dirt,park or racing). i hope i could help :)  

30 Oct 2005 13:24

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