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My buddy and me got an idea for a new Sport Utility Trailer and would appreciate you taking a look at the idea and givin us some honest feed back on it. We call it Chaser. Its not for sale as it is just our idea. We put a web site together ourselves so we can get other peoples thoughts and ideas. The web site is [URL=http://www.CHASERSPORT.COM]www.chasersport.com [/URL] and it shows pictures of our proto-type that we use now. Again we are just wanting some good honest feedback from different outdoor people and groups.

Thank you so much for your help to a couple of fellow outdoorsman chasing their dream.

[QUOTE]“On the road to adventure there are followers and then there are CHASERS!”[/QUOTE]  

26 Oct 2005 18:21
i have no need for one but, isk, im neutral  

27 Oct 2005 18:29
same here i dont no about that stuff so i couldnt say sory looks like its already been made tho iono i dont no about that stuff  

28 Oct 2005 04:23

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