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is this forum being paid for? there's no ads. and what template is this, my friend is making a forum and he wants it to look like this one.  

27 Oct 2005 18:30
it's an Eb forum and it cost like ten buck so you don't have any ads but it's a uk company so i don't know what the deal is with it  

27 Oct 2005 19:40
well i take that back it changed to vBulletin Version 3.0.8 but i think still it's only like ten bucks to run  

27 Oct 2005 19:43
plus the search engine thing. his has tons of ads  

28 Oct 2005 01:50
if ur on the main extremebros pagfe there are ads  

28 Oct 2005 04:22
thats the google advertising program, my other friend does that. anytime you click on one of those he gets ten cents  

29 Oct 2005 04:40
this forum is made from a vbulliten program. the program is kinda expensive but to host the site online might not realy be much.  

08 Nov 2005 04:57
hosting does cost alot if you need to buy alot of broadband and space  

10 Nov 2005 19:05

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