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Im looking to get sponsership and im not to sure where to look could anyone give me a helping hand and point me in the right direction,I would be very thankful  

28 Oct 2005 21:29
do u race? and anyways, getting a sponsorship isnt just you looking, its the sponsor looking for riders. the only thing that you could do is do your best and stand out in what ever it may be.  

28 Oct 2005 21:44
chears for your reply ,no idont race but ill give anything a go ,bout sponsers spoting me what sort of places do i need to ride to get seen  

28 Oct 2005 22:23
if you want to get sponsored, first u need skill. you need to cath big air, throw down complex tricks and land them perfectly, speed, good rythem, and to have your name well known. being sponsored is'nt everything. i would work on being the best rider you can be before trying to get a sponorship. and anyways, sponsors dont normaly contract people who arent "good". racing is different. all you need is the ability to win over and over and sometimes jumping the prosets and cathing major air. if u have nemore questions ask.  

28 Oct 2005 23:19
the only reel reason i want sponsership is so that i dont have to pay for any more bike parts i can do a few tricks and normally get positive feed back ,to be honest though i do it fun the fun ,icrave the skills involved in bmxin and feel that i am learning well. as far as your site goes i have logged on and i am waiting for the codes to come through ,so i can check out what you have to offer .

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thats a cool moto ya got there hope you practice what ya preech  

28 Oct 2005 23:31
you should be able to get on the site right now. with sponsorships, they dont always pay for your parts. sometimes they will only pay for contests or just a percentage ove what you want. my last sponsor only offored 20% off of bike parts and clothing and 10% off of complete bikes and if i won a competition they would pay me back my registration fee. there are alot of sponsors that are willing to pay for everything but those are mainly the big time sponsors for pro's. but just a small sponsorship leads to more ones, some smaller, some bigger. just ride and have fun, let the sponsors come to you.  

28 Oct 2005 23:37
man being sponsored would be awesome
i wish i could get sponsored in the near future  

01 Nov 2005 07:41

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