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i dont relay know why i'm posting this but its just way too funny. i was out street riding earlier today and there is this clay hill at some baseball fields my bro, a friend, and i rode. i built a lip into the side of i(best damn lip i've ever built). it was launching us about 7 feet up whe we boosted it. well anyways, i started riding my bro's 16" general lee and went for a fastplant 1 footed table and i accidentaly boosted it. i missed the foot plant and from what we can see in the pic i was about 9-10 feet up and looking strait down at the ground. i hit the eject button and my bro's bike was trashed basicaly. bent the bars and his cranks, again. lol. it was fun as hell.  

30 Oct 2005 02:50
how did you bend the bars that must have been an awesome crash  

30 Oct 2005 13:19
ive done somthing similar over a jump box, i was practising no footers and was doing quite well so i decided that i would atempt a super man i was about 8-10 foot high the wind court me and i bottled it ,i managed to let go and push the bike away from me so as not to land on it ,thing is though i pushed it a bit hard i think. the bike bounced about everywhere when it landed ,when i picked it up i found the handle bars had bukled under the strain .what a bummer we had only been riding about an hour and it was a pucker day for it ,hey at least there wernt any injerys that time .he he ............  

30 Oct 2005 13:43
[QUOTE=ram-man]how did you bend the bars that must have been an awesome crash[/QUOTE]
10 feet up going around 20mph and landing right on the bars, i think thats what did it.  

30 Oct 2005 18:35
i want to get that high, itd be fun  

30 Oct 2005 22:07
big air isnt always that fun. when i raced, about 2 years ago i stopped, i jumped the pro-set at my local bmx track durring a work party at 2 am. the first jump was 35'long and a 5' rise in the landing. i remember going up to it and thats it. i over cleared it and landed headfirst falling from around 30' up. ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET NO MATTER WHAT! my helmet, once again, saved my life. yes it is fun to catch big air but if u screw up, your fucked!  

30 Oct 2005 22:33
helmet? nah, i always wear a cup though  

01 Nov 2005 19:59
i never even ride down the street with out my helmet. i've crashed way too many times. cracked a shit load of dot/snell hemets in half and taken chunks outa my halfshell. without helmets ide have probably died 7 years ago.  

01 Nov 2005 20:19
get the pics on here.  

02 Nov 2005 03:22
cant. we took them with my friends mom's digital cam and she dropped and broke it.  

02 Nov 2005 03:32
dopnt the pics go on a memory stick though?  

02 Nov 2005 19:49
his camera was some piece of shit camera with no memory card and could only hold 20 pics.  

02 Nov 2005 20:41

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