thats gotta be a rumor

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i heard that someguy did a nollie heelflip back lip on a hand rail. you gotta be shitting me, thats like the best thing ever filmed. is it for real? and who did it?  

01 Nov 2005 19:54
no one knows huh?  

13 Nov 2005 07:18
no idea

haha wow thats cool i tryed to reply "no idea" but it said it was to short has to be 10 charecters thats cool i guess  

13 Nov 2005 07:19
i want to see it so bad, like that switch fs flip into the love fountain, and that trey down wallenberg, i dont even know what the stairs look like...  

13 Nov 2005 07:22
Kody Hawk
Ok Ok I'm trying to picture that in my head that just huh? I'll to try it on a tony hawk game to see if it is even possible or not because just DAMN OK  

14 Nov 2005 18:45
you went to the philadelphia level in t.h.u.g. 2 or you tried a nollie heel back lip?  

14 Nov 2005 20:08
Was It Rodney Mullen ?

Check this video out [URL=][/URL]  

18 Dec 2005 03:09
thats the video from tony hawk pro sk8r three...and theres no nollie heel back lip on any handrail in that  

20 Dec 2005 22:15

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