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Hey guys!!

My brother just showed me how to do a 180 Boneless and its so awsome because its really easy and it looks so complicated!! Anyone interested in learning how to do it?

[B]1. [/B]Get your front foot near the edge of your board, and keep your back foot on the tail, in ollie/riding position.
[B]2. [/B]Slide your front foot off the board, and stomp it on the ground, and the weight on the tail of the board should snap it up, like an ollie.
[B]3.[/B] Grab the board with your back hand (left if you`re goofy, right if you`re regular) and push off the ground with your front foot.
[B]4.[/B] Before your foot leaves the ground, make sure to rotate 180 so when you land, you will be riding switch. -This trick looks sweet as hell when you trick it over things, or even people.

[I]( If you can manage to rotate over a rail, onto a rail, or land it in a manual, you will look hella-good.)[/I]

[B]Btw, I will be doin that trick in my new skate video featuring music from jet, ac/dc, motley crue, motorhead, and the Casanovas ([/B]  

03 Nov 2005 04:07
lol, thats such a noob trick  

03 Nov 2005 18:51
haha ye ait is it dosnt impres neone unless you do it off a 6 stair or something  

04 Nov 2005 04:47
i can do a fs 180 boneless fingerflip down a 4 stair, thats impressive  

04 Nov 2005 19:17

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