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Hmmm I am thinking of getting a BMX. (first time. all other bikes I owned were mountain bikes) any suggestions?  

03 Nov 2005 15:20
i would recomend a fit bmx they are really good and quite light try to get the team or team xl they are quite expensive but great quality  

03 Nov 2005 15:52
no dont get something to expensive unless i mean your totally loaded with cash caus if oyu dont likt it its a wast free agent makes good inexpensive bikes  

03 Nov 2005 16:50
hey the free agents are really nice bikes but if u look at the entry fit its also well priced and has some great components i dont know much about the free agent as where i stay there is no importers but what i have heard they are really great(you are looking at about $120 which is really good for a starting off bike  

03 Nov 2005 17:00
first, do you plan to race or freestyle?  

03 Nov 2005 20:03
Probably freestyle.

I'm small and light so a light bike would be good.  

03 Nov 2005 20:07
for a good starter bike that is good, cheep and light, ide say buy the dk step up or the 2005 eastern trail digger.

dk step up- trail design frame, dk trail fork, dk-2pc bars, top-load stem, dk vice grips, rear tektro u-brake, gyro, 175mm 3-piece cranks, alloy platform pedals, 36h alex rims w/14mm axles. 20" top tube. $199.99

eastern trail digger '05-trail design frame, 48h rims w/14mm axles and high wall rims, 175mm 3-piece tubular cranks, alloy platform pedals, 2-piece bars, front load stem, rear u-brake, gyro, dirt tires. 19.5" top tube. $199.99

both of these bikes are very good stock and are easily upgradeable once you get better and have more money.  

03 Nov 2005 20:32
i'll prob get a cheap one see how it goes...  

06 Nov 2005 18:44
it depends on which style of riding you want to do ,to what bike you wanna go for , as its a first bike i would go for somthing strong, and if you do manage to brake parts on it up grade them as you go  

06 Nov 2005 19:52

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