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Kody Hawk
Hello I am new to this forum so help me out. Me and some of my buddies are fed up with our usual skate spots. We've tried everything! I even started skateing in a fiber glass satelite dish! That stank something hard! So if any of you guys have any idea of what to do post something for us. PLEASE!!!  

03 Nov 2005 19:19
make a box, theres billion of combinations you can do. flip trick in, out, during the manual, its never ending. you can even grind on the side if you make it high enough.  

03 Nov 2005 23:36
yea make yourself a box and a rail its givin me and my freinds hours of fun maybe a liuttle kicker to just set em up n your backyard  

04 Nov 2005 04:48

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