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Kody Hawk
To bobe and spaztix. Thanx for the advice. As a matter of fact I have a fun box but it only has 2 ramp sides and is a wee bit small for some trix but my dad and a friend's dad (friend is skater) will go ahead and build us a mini ramp in a lot next to my house so it will (if we ever have a small town comp will be a mini ramp comp) be a hella bad time if it ever gets built up.  

04 Nov 2005 18:47
lol thats fine, im working on making a mini ramp too after i move. 4feet high and 16 ft wide  

04 Nov 2005 19:25
me and my buddy mad ethis ghetto as pieace of shit mini ramo but it was so much fun  

05 Nov 2005 09:13

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