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hi im new to skateboard and im having hard time sliding my feet to olley any tip?  

15 Feb 2003 15:38
Yea I'm still new to skateboarding, but the ollie was to easy. All you do is put your feet on the tail and the mid section. Then when you slam kick watever on the tail at the same time you take the tip of the foot that was in the mid ond tap/push on the nose. I recommend triing in a crack on the sidewalk or in the grass before you do it on the streets.  

18 Feb 2003 22:11
yeah thx i finally can olley but only in 0 km/h i cant do it in speed
i guess its cuz speed prevent me from sliding my feet to olley any more tip?  

26 Feb 2003 23:25
When you set up for a speed ollie, sightly move your feet down the board just like a regular ollie. Most people just get intimidatd by the speed but it's realy simple. Try little ollies when your moving.  

05 May 2003 18:43
thats good advice...well speed ollies are different from stopped ollies...(keep in mind your never gonna land it first try) what i did was get some speed off of a ramp, and setup and just pop and slide...but you dont need much speed at first...just take it slow!

go here [url]www.freewebs.com/globeskaters/[/url]  

10 Feb 2004 03:46
Fuzzy Rider

03 Dec 2006 03:50

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