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I listen to music sometimes when i ride. for some reason it just makes me focus more and i ride better.  

04 Nov 2005 23:50
i dont have an iPod, but charm city (best skatepark ever) has a big indoor system that they turn on every now and again  

05 Nov 2005 01:06
i dint have an ipod either. i love my cd player. but i'm probably gunna have my mom get me an ipod now cause my dad just bought the bday presant she was supposed to. finally gunna have my new frame. its only 5 months late.  

05 Nov 2005 02:52
You don't have to use an iPod. Any mp3 player will work.. iPod's are just the most popular..  

05 Nov 2005 03:09
i just use my cd player  

05 Nov 2005 09:06
my cd player wont fit in my pocket. and it skips when i try to carry it when i run.  

05 Nov 2005 19:06
thatrs y my backpack has a nifty little cd player holder thing

mine wouldnt fit in my pocket  

05 Nov 2005 19:54
my bookbag has 1 of those 2. but i only use it for school. i dont lug my bookbag when i street ride.  

05 Nov 2005 20:05
well i just empy my booksand such cause usually when i go out and ride with some freinds i take my video camera so we can film but when were just at one spot i take it off  

05 Nov 2005 20:07
just buy an mp3 player u can get good ones for really cheap now
u dont need an ipod all i use is me mp3 player  

05 Nov 2005 22:21
yea ipods r so overrated now

but i must say the new video one is pretty cool but its not worth the money  

05 Nov 2005 22:26
the best music ive found so far has got to be tecno or hardcore it always seems to boost me for thoughs big jumps specialy when the beat kicks in going up the take off ramp  

06 Nov 2005 00:00
but i must say the new video one is pretty cool but its not worth the money[/QUOTE]

i would get one if it wasnt so damn small. thats why im getting psp  

07 Nov 2005 04:57
yea. ipods being so small sucks. u can loose em easily. and if u crash and land on em, there fucked. my cd player is awsome. i have landed on it after fliping over a rail and it didnt break or even skip and i never have the anti-skip on. its awsome!  

07 Nov 2005 05:13
and also if u dont want a cd player cause its to big they have those little mp3 players dans comp even has there own now and if u crash and break it its not gonna set you back so much money  

07 Nov 2005 05:31
Yeah i also listen to music it gives me momentum while i ride  

08 Nov 2005 02:00

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